I Will Win

I Will Win (2005)
A selfportrait with my official runnersnumber.
I Will Win (2006) The News
A selfportrait of me in words winning the New York City Marathon.
I Will Win (2007) The Body
A painting inspired by Eadvaerd Muybridge and the exhibition The Bodies.
The Statue
I Will Win (2008) The Statue
A painting inspired by the Statue of Liberty
The History
I Will Win (2009) The History
A painting about 400 years friendship New York and the Netherlands.
I Will Win (2010) The Creation
A painting about clean water and air.
I Will Win (2011) The Crisis
A painting about the financial crisis and occupy wall street.
I Will Win (2012) The Elections
A painting about the 2012 US Elections.
I Will Win (2013) The War
A painting about the 1967 Peace movement.